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What All Mothers Need to Hear

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What is it that all mothers need to hear?  Motherhood is wonderful and crazy, exhausting and rewarding all at the same time. 

Whatever you are going through – the good, the bad, and the ugly – here are fourteen truths that all mothers need to hear.

You are in for a real treat because my encouragement to you is coming right out of the Speak Life Badges sticker award books! 

I know that Speak Life Badges sticker badges and scripts are for kids; but I promise that you’ll be encouraged and uplifted by these truths, too.  They are for you, too, Mama!

Bonus, Mama! This is a two part series so be sure to push play to both. I bless you with these words of truth.



Mama, you smile even in the midst of challenges.  Sometimes when things become challenging, it is easy to lose our smile, isn’t it?  Often we choose to frown, even to whine or complain.  But you keep smiling.  You keep a good attitude.  Your smile and positive attitude help you to keep an “I can do this!” attitude, doesn’t it?  Your smile is like a bright light that shines for all to see.

Speak Life Badges, sticker award badges for children, positive parenting tool, stickers for kids, positive parenting resource

I CHOOSE JOY (from I Am Priceless)

Your joy is a blessing to everyone in your house.  Your joy makes the hard moments better.  Your joyful heart is good like a medicine.

Thank you, Mama, for choosing joy.  Sometimes, we don’t get our way.  Sometimes, our days don’t go at all how we hoped or planned. 

And when you feel that whine or that exhaustion or that pity party rise up inside of you….maybe you give in to it only for a moment… and then your remember to choose joy. 

That’s because whining and complaining destroys joy.  It kills peace, patience, and forgiveness.  We stop blessings and good gifts from coming into our lives.  Whining and complaining opens the door to dissatisfaction and bitterness.  It causes offence and builds up walls of division. 

Mama, you are so good at choosing joy instead. I bless you with abundant joy not matter what your day holds.

I DID A GREAT JOB (from I Am Smart)

One thing I admire that you do a great job at is how you keep a calm attitude when things don’t go right.  You don’t overreact.  You take a deep breath and say, “How can I do this?”  “What do I and my child need in this moment?  How can I help them?  How can I respond right?”

I’m here for more of that in my life.


You work with excellence.  All of the work that your hands already did today and will still do is done with focus, determination, joy, and with all of your strength, Mama.  You work with all of your heart.  I know that it sometimes feels like your work goes unnoticed or unappreciated, but you will receive a reward according to the excellent work that you do.

daughter and father smiling at each other.  Father gave her a Speak Life Badge to encourage her during her hard school work.   positive encouragement sticker awards for kids, positive parenting tool, teacher resource

IT’S EASY! I’VE GOT THIS! (from I Am Smart)

It’s hard sometimes, isn’t it?  This Mama journey.  Maybe you are even saying that it’s hard all of the time.  And while you might be afraid to say it out loud, sometimes you wish the hard stuff away.  You just want peace, calm, quiet, alone time, more money, more sleep.  It’s OK to want and to need all of those things. 

Still, every day you get up and you do this Mama thing all over again because you do not give up.  You are strong and ask for help.  You keep trying, learning, and growing.  You keep loving and giving.

Good things come out of the hard stuff when you are willing to not give up. 

I PUT OTHERS FIRST (from I Am Priceless)

Mama, if there is anyone who puts others first, it’s you.  From the moment you wake up to when you lay your head on your pillow, you do not stop thinking about your family.  You have a heart that genuinely loves your family and others.

What I admire most is that you know, in all that giving, when to put yourself first.  When you need a nap, time for yourself, a bubble bath, a walk, time to pray, a warm coffee or tea and a good book.  It’s OK to say, “I need some mommy time.”  You take care of your needs, too, so that you can keep giving to your family. 

I AM SELF-CONTROLLED (from I Am Priceless)

Way to go!  I am so proud of you for choosing self-control over anger.  It is really easy to shout angry words, to stomp our feet, to criticize, to condemn, and to shame. 

When you choose to restrain your words and not shout.  When you choose to stay calm and even-tempered, you are stronger than the strongest man with really big muscles or stronger than an army ready to capture a city. 

You have knowledge and understanding to stay calm and to choose self-control and not anger.  Wow!

Teaching Your Children Self-Control

Mama, there is so much good stuff here in the scripts for self-control. If any of your children struggle with self-control, get on over to speak life and get the I Am Priceless sticker book for the stickers and for the scripts. 

Help your children learn to choose self-control instead of anger.  Learn what to say and do when your child doesn’t choose self-control.  Teach them how to watch their words when they are angry.  Make a plan for what to do and what to remember when they are angry. 

teacher speaking kind words to a student in the library, giving student a Speak Life Badge that says I am a winner.  Sticker award badges for kids, positive teacher resource, positive parenting tool


Wow!  Way to handle frustration, Mama!  You go, girl.  Frustration is a choice.   You remember that and choose to not make agreement with it.  Deep breaths and right thinking help you to come out of frustration saying, “I’ve got this.  I can do this.  I am strong.”


Your children are so lucky to have you.  You are teachable.  I admire that you have a heart that is willing to learn.  Other Mamas might cross their arms and say, “I already know how to do this parenting thing,” but not you. 

You are willing to learn how to do it better and to give it another try, and to admit when you make a wrong choice or mess up.  You make it right.  I know that you want to get this parenting thing as right or as best as you know how. 

Since you are willing to listen to advice and to accept correction without refusing it, you will be wise for the rest of your days.

I AM COURAGEOUS (from I Am Priceless)

This is straight out of the script, but there’s a mama or two who needs to hear it so I’m leaving it just as it is. 

You are courageous, Mama.  When you could have backed down, walked away, lied, given up, gossiped, or chosen to be afraid, you didn’t.  While you could have listened to the nay-sayers who said, “You can’t do that.  That’s a silly idea,” you didn’t.  You are strong and courageous. 

I AM COMMITTED and I AM A CHAMPION (from I Am Priceless)

I don’t know the last time you looked in the mirror and said, “I am committed,” but you should.  The only way to win at anything in life, especially at parenting well is to focus, to learn, to practice, and to stay committed. 

You understand that your success as a Mama, the relationships you have with your children and your husband, your health, your work or business success, your debt, your wealth, is 100% your responsibility.  You are where you are because you chose it. 

And when you make mistakes, you remember that all champions lose now and then.  But a champion takes a loss and learns from it. 

You know that big “L” for Loser?  Well, you turn it in to a big “L” for Learner.  You ask, “How can I think right, speak right, and respond right next time?”

I Am Special, I Am Priceless, I Am Smart, sticker award badges for children, parents and teachers can give these sticker to their kids and students, classroom positive reinforcement tool

I AM GENEROUS (from I Am Priceless)

You are generous, Mama, with a heart that gives out of love and joy, not duty.  You give cheerfully.  When you see a need, you are quick to give and to help.

You give generously without expecting anything in return.  You will always receive back more than what you give.  Whoever helps others will herself be helped.

I AM IMPORTANT (from I Am Special)

Mama, you a free to be you at all times.  You do not have to perform for people to like you.  Who you are is enough.  You are worthy. 

I AM BEAUTIFUL (from I Am Special)

Mama, you are beautiful because your heart is beautiful.  You are beautiful because you are loving.  You are honoring.  When you step into a room, you spread joy and life.

Who you are, your personality, your identity, is like a beautiful crown on your head.

All of you is beautiful.  You are radiant.  There is no blemish in you.

You were created complete, not broken or lacking.  You have been wonderfully made.

Do not compare yourself to others.  Who you are is enough.   


Save this episode to come back to again and again when you need encouragement.  And share this with another Mama you know who needs a pick me up today.

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If you need any help, Mama.  You have a parenting question or you just can’t seem to get up and out of the tired, chaotic, run down, shouting, Mama rut you are in and it’s more like you are surviving and just barely making it through each day, register now for Renewed Mama Coaching.

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