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What is it that your Students NEED to Hear?

What is it that you NEED to tell your students every day? 

1.“I expect you to _____.”

If you tell them your expectations, they have a guideline to follow.  And they will follow it.

2. “I see greatness in you that’s waiting to get out.  Don’t hold it in any longer. Go shine! Be fully YOU.  Our world needs YOU.”

3.“I am really excited for you to rock….to excel in…..”

4. “I admire / love who you are.  (Tell them specifically what you admire about them.)  You are free to be YOU!”

Girl smiling at camera - what do your students need to hear

5. “I am so blessed to have you as my student.”

6. “You are a blessing to me.”  

7. “You will be a blessing to___speak to those they may serve or help in a future career___.  You are needed.”

8. “You are so good at…..”

9. “You are unbelievable!”

10. “You are unstoppable!”

Kimberly speaking to girl - what your students need to hear

Don’t hesitate to say these words of encouragement as they will mean more than you will ever know.  And these words of life will go further in the hearts of your students than you may ever know.  Your words are not just for this moment in your classroom; your words bless their future.

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