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If Your Words were Replayed…How Would It Sound?

Kimberly with stereo and tapes - what words are you saying

What are you saying to yourself…..about yourself?
What are you saying about your kids?  Under your breath?  Out loud?  To a friend?
How about your spouse?  Your boss?

If you rewound the tape, would you be embarrassed? 

Would you sound like the mama you overheard in Walmart, and thought, “I could never talk to my kids like that?  How mean!”

Kimberly with stereo and tapes - what words are you saying

If you rewound the tape, would you see that you need a mind shift, a new way of thinking?  Is it time for a re-record?

Your words tell what’s in your heart. 

What we think is “secretly” in our hearts (no one else knows)…it eventually comes out through our words, whether we want to acknowledge it or not.

Sometimes we need to change our stinkin’ thinkin’.
I needed to.  There was a season in my life, when I took long enough to “replay” my spoken words, I realized that my words were full of negativity, judgment, criticism, and pride.  I had to say, “Wait a minute.  What is in my heart?  I am speaking out such negativity.” 

I had to take time to evaluate my thoughts and to replace all the lies and misperceptions with truth.  I went to the Bible, God’s word as my source of truth.
And I worked intentionally to change those negative words to words of truth.

Making the intentional effort to change the story we tell ourselves, in the quiet of our mind, where no one else hears is totally worth it.  In fact, if Mama Bear rises up in us when another kid in our son’s classroom says something mean to him, then why are we saying all the mean things to ourselves?

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I bless you, Friend.  You are worth the word change.  You are worth the re-record.  You are worth dwelling on the truth, not negativity, judgment, criticism, and pride.

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