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What You Need to Know About May 22-28, 2022

Smiling girl who says What You Need to Know About May 22 through 28, 2022

What do you need to know about May 22-28, 2022? I’ve got important, time sensitive information to bring to you.  One so important that you must drop what you are doing and act because it doesn’t matter what state, province, or country you live in, this affects us all.  Our autonomy, the authority over our own selves, and our ability to self-govern may be given away by Resident Joe Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

You must listen to this, share this with family and friends because they probably are unaware that this is about to happen, and you must act now by contacting everyone in public office. 

What we have is Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, the top advisor for Klaus Schwab, who wrote The Great Reset, saying: “Ideally, the response to COVID should be the establishment of a global healthcare system. A basic healthcare system for the entire human race.” 

When they say global healthcare system they are talking about surveillance.  He said, “When people look back, the thing they will remember from the COVID crises, this is the moment when everything went digital.  We agreed to be surveyed all the time.  And maybe most importantly of all, this was the moment when surveillance started going under the skin.” HR 6666 –

Take into account the healthcare measures carried out over the past two years that crippled and shut down American and Canadian businesses, locked people in their homes, did not actually address the nurse shortage rather fired them for not complying, kept children out of the classroom, held people in fear because of their false narrative through all media sources, and put good, faithful employees on forced unpaid leaves of absences because they made their own choice of what they would put into their bodies.

And now we are on the brink of a basic healthcare system for the entire human race.  This impacts 99.4% of the population of the world.  That means you and me and our children and our children’s children.

It’s time for some Paul Revering as Clay Clarke says.  This information must be shared because we cannot choose to be ignorant or have a lack of knowledge.

What we have is the World Health Organization Pandemic Treaty and International Treaty.

A vote will take place in Geneva, Switzerland May 22-28 at the World Health Assembly which is the governing body of the World Health Organization, the W.H.O. This vote will hand over the sovereignty over health care decisions of 193 nations under the United Nations to the World Health Organization.

Resident Biden is bringing amendments that propose that all nations of the earth seed their sovereignty over health care decisions to the World Health Organization.  This means that the W.H.O. Director General Tedros has permission and power to declare health emergencies or crisis in any nation. 

Who is the W.H.O. and who is Tedros?  The W.H.O. is a subsidiary of the Communist Chinese Party Government. Its biggest funders are the Chinese Communist Party and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

None of us elected or voted for the W.H.O. which is run by Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus who is a Marxists Communist. He was put in the W.H.O. in 2017 by the Chinese Communist party and in 2022 he was re-elected to run the W.H.O. without any opposition. 

This World Health Organization Pandemic Treaty and International Treaty to be agreed upon on May 22-28 at the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland transfers sovereignty over health care decisions of all nations over to the World Health Organization.

This means that Tedros would be the one to announce if there as any pandemic of any kind, whether potential or actual.   It’s in Article 12 section 2. Whose to say that they can’t call anything a health emergency?

This would then trigger any nation involved in W.H.O. to be forced to comply with W.H.O. seeding their sovereignty to one government world control through the W.H.O. to fight a pandemic.  What this means is that the W.H.O. would have decision making authority to intervene in the government of any nation of the world including the United States and Canada without that nation’s permission.  Authority to impose lock downs, passports, mandates, for whatever pretext they want. They don’t have to show data.  If a country does not comply with the W.H.O.’s rules, they have a list of plans including warfare, sanctions, and invasions against that country.

So even if the singled out nation does not agree that there is a pandemic and there are no obvious causes, they will still have to comply with the W.H.O. 

This World Health Organization Pandemic Treaty and International Treaty will bring one global government.  It’s the biggest global power grab.  The Great Reset is here as early as May 22-28 and officially in November 2022.

The Biden administration crossed out the important restriction in this treaty that reads: “The W.H.O. shall consult with and attempt to obtain verification from the state party in whose territory the W.H.O. is alleging this is occurring.”  He changed it to be that the W.H.O. Director General, currently Tedros, can declare health emergencies or crisis in any nation without that country agreeing or having time to show proof against it. 

This supersedes any nation’s or state’s health advisor’s recommendations and can shame, harm, lock down, and cause financial harm to any who does not comply with the W.H.O.

These regulations are binding instruments of international law entered into force.  That would mean the UN military or police arm can ensure that protocols are being followed. 

Biden gave these proposed amendments to the W.H.O. on January 18th.  No one knew this until April 12th.  Less than a month ago, the Biden administration posted these amendments.  This is being voted on next week, May 22-28.

There is already a list of 40 of the most powerful countries who have signed on in agreement including Canada, EU, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland.  They’re already going along with Biden’s administration to hand over authority to the W.H.O.

This authority that the W.H.O. would be given impacts 99.4% of the population of the world.  193 nations belong to the United Nations. 

If this goes through, nothing else matters.  This goes into effect in November, so it doesn’t matter who wins in the US elections in November or in the Ontario Provincial June elections because global authority will already have transferred to the W.H.O. 

What do we do? We speak up.

Contact everyone you can, friends and family because they probably don’t know this is going on.  Share this podcast episode with them.

Contact your local government, senators, congressmen, members of parliament.

Kevin McCarthy – Minority Leader of the House of Representatives

Mitch McConnell Leader in the Senate  Call or 202-224-2541 or email

Call or write to the US Attorney General Merrick B. Garland 

  • Department Comment Line: 202-353-1555
  • Department of Justice Main Switchboard: 202-514-2000

Write to your members of Parliament

I cannot find anyone in Canada speaking out against this.  If you know of some, leave a note in the comments.  I want to hear what they are saying.

Request that US States and Canadian provinces must pre-emptively nullify any W.H.O. internal pandemic regulations.

Demand that they drop these amendments and refuse to give US and Canadian sovereignty away.

Why are we not calling for an impeachment for Biden and Justin Trudeau who would sell us out and defy our constitutional freedoms and Charter of Rights freedoms?

Now you know, Mama.

Will you speak up and share this? If you would like a format letter to email to your representatives, reply in the comments below and I will email you one.


  1. Paul M. says

    So, I had a long read through the whole regulation. It does change how a health emergency can be declared. It no longer would require any input from the country which is suffering the event.

    However, nothing in the regulation or any of the ancillary treaties gives any of the powers you refer to. All the WHO can do according to this regulation is offer assistance of various kinds, and the subject country has the power to reject those offers, and requires them to do so within 48 hours. There is no power to actually compel any particular response. Moreover, the UN has no standing army or police arm to enforce any treaty, let alone this one. Also the WHO is not the UN.

    Really, what this amendment does is target China. At the outset of the pandemic China strung along WHO offers of assistance for several weeks before refusing any assistance. All this regulation change does is put them on the clock requiring them to respond within 48 hours, though, its worth noting, there is no penalty for not doing so.

  2. Paul M. says

    Also, I’m a little confused by the reference to Bill 6666. All it does is appropriate funding for schools, non-profits, and health care organizations to conduct COVID screening using rapid tests, and if required, contact tracing.

    It also has almost no hope of becoming a law. Its a two year old law that hasn’t ever been passed, and even if it squeaks through the house it will never overcome a filibuster in the republican controlled senate.

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