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What’d You Say, Mama?

Lady holding a speech bubble sign smiling asking What'd you say, Mama?

“What’d you say?”  Did I hear you right?”  Has your child or spouse ever said something and you’re like, “What?  What’d you say?”  Maybe you are all sitting around a table full of friends and you know how kids pick the right moment to say the craziest thing! 

Well today, I want to ask you the same question, “What’d you say, Mama?” 

Our goal is to be a Renewed Mama in the midst of it all with right thinking, right speaking, and right responding.  In order to do that, we do our very best to intentionally, regularly check in with what we are thinking and saying. 

We stay in tune, just keeping our thoughts and words in check, as we go about our day because if we don’t, we can quickly spiral into tiredness, overwhelm, pressure, stress, frustration, guilt, offence, and shame almost at the drop of a hat without even thinking about it…. just as fast as your toddler can melt into a temper tantrum because he’s hungry.

The good news is that when you choose to think right and you choose to speak right, in each moment, for each situation you can change your perspective, renew your sense of purpose and joy, and move your thoughts from negative… “It’s all going wrong” to positive… “There’s a solution here.”

That’s what we want so that we can keep going instead of growing weary.  So that we find joy even in the crazy and keep living abundantly.

In this Renewed Mama podcast episode, I share four things that you are probably thinking or saying again and again out of tiredness, overwhelm, pressure, stress, frustration, guilt, offense, shame.  I’ll share what you should say instead so that you stay renewed. 

Mama, hear me well.  It’s not wrong to feel tired, stressed, overwhelmed, pressure, or guilt.  It’s natural.  You are juggling a lot and there are demands on you and responsibilities that keep going.  But what you do about the feelings and the thoughts and the words you speak and how you respond when you feel tired, stressed, overwhelmed, pressure, or guilt, that’s what is vital. 

Because you can’t stay or operate under the feelings of tiredness, overwhelm, pressure, stress, frustration, guilt, offence, and shame for long.  God didn’t mean for you to for even a moment.  That’s bondage.  That’s weight.  That’s holding you back, and God is all about your freedom.  He is all about you working and living in rest; you fully provided for as a daughter of the King; and having abundance, joy, purpose, and victory in your home and in your life.

The goal here, in all of this, is to spot the lie…you think it, you say it out loud as a complaint.  But stop!  The goal is to recognize it as a lie.  ”Ahhhha That’s a lie.  Let’s kick that out.”  And replace it with the truth.  What is the opposite of tiredness, overwhelm, pressure, stress, frustration, guilt, offense, and shame?  What is God’s truth?  Speak that out over your feelings and situation.

This is going to take fierceness on your part.  Like a mama bear who rears up with her roar to protect her cubs.  Except you are protecting your thoughts and your words you speak.  You’ve got your own back here.  You are relentless about thinking right, speaking right, and responding right because words bring life or death.  Proverbs 18:21  You don’t have time nor do you want to spend your days here on this earth speaking death, do you?

Will you be mindful of what you are thinking or saying over and over and choose to replace it with what you should say instead so that you stay renewed?

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Before you go, let’s turn this insight into action!

When looking over what you wrote in your word bank, did you put a heart by all of the words that you should keep?  Mama, keep saying these words!  Keep what is good, true, pure words.

Then did you put an X over the words that are critical, negative, judgmental?  Reject or kick out words that hold you back, steal from your life, and keep you small. What truths will you think and speak instead?

Share in the comments below what you learned by doing this exercise. I want to hear from you!

I bless you, Mama.  It doesn’t matter what’s going down around you….you are steady. Staying in tune, thinking right, speaking right, responding right because you regularly check in with the truth, God’s truth.  And you can spot those lies and toss them out real quick. 

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