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When Hard Things Come

Sometimes hard things come.

Maybe it’s a daily battle with “I’m not good enough.  I’m not smart like the other kids in class.”

You try talking and it only ends in a shouting match.
Maybe it feels like the doors slam way too much.
There seems to be little respect anymore.

Could we look at the hard things from a different perspective?  A perspective that says, “There’s got to be a reason this is happening.  What is the good in this?  There must be a treasure here.”

No pirate discovered his treasure without a few setbacks. 

playmobil pirate - when hard things come

Those on the “mountaintop” don’t just fall there.  They climbed through all the hard stuff.

So can you.

playmobil mountain climbers - when hard things come

Take it one day at a time, even a moment at a time.  You are a problem solver.  You have wisdom for each situation your family encounters.

Communication between your kids and you are clear, heard, and honored.

Even when you instruct and discipline your kids, they know that you fully love them.  Your heart is for them and you want to motivate them to succeed and to reach their full potential.

Your spoken words of life over your kids produce confidence, focus, vision, and team work.

There must be a treasure here….if we are willing to look for it.

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