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When Problems Come

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An inconvenience; stress; pressure; a delay; a bump in the road… that’s what problems are.  And when problems come, it shows us who we are on the inside.  Is our default response to throw up our hands and give up?  Or do we roll up our sleeves and put our hands to work to find a solution?

When we ran into the snag with the die cut for the sticker badges, what else could Maria (our printer from Think Printing) and I do but put our heads together to find a solution?  We packed up all 10,000 sticker badge sheets and took them back to her print shop.  We began checking every single page, comparing and measuring their margins.  It ended up that some pages had different margin sizes due to how they had been cut in half after being printed two spread.

Maria checking on margins of stickers

Thankfully, it was a simple answer to our problem, but it still meant checking and cutting off sometimes just a few millimetres to make the margins match….on all 10,000 sticker pages.  Wow!  What a labor of love! 

Giving up at that moment wasn’t an option.  Nor was it an option five hours later when I was still working away.  Nor was it an option when Maria continued the work later that evening after having been in her own bridal invitation suite design consultations all day.  But together we had all 10,000 badge pages ready for the die cut machine the next morning.

Kimberly in front of stickers and stack of paper

What Would You Do?

It’s all up to you, Friend, whether or not you’ll give up when the problem comes.  You’ve got what it takes to roll up your sleeves and to ask yourself, “How can I solve this problem?  How can I find a solution?”  It’ll be worth it in the end.  You’ve come this far already.  Don’t give up now.  Your success is waiting on the other side of this problem you are facing.  Go ahead and win!

Speak Life Badges is a great tool to use to award your children when they are willing to not give up in the middle of a problem.  Visit our Contact page and submit your email so that you can get scripts and stickers to help them to win!

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