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Who is God and What Does He Say About Me? 

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Ever asked, “Who is God and what does He say about me?”

Life is miserable living by what others say about you instead of what God says about you.”  – Bailey

When you look in the mirror, who do you see?  Do you see what God says about you or what others think and say?  Maybe you had negative labels spoken over you as a child as Bailey did.  Or you are living by what you perceive other people think or say about you. 

To live as a renewed Mama, you must know Who God is and what God says about you because what He says is more real and relevant and has lie-breaking power than anything the world or anyone else may say about you.


Bailey shared how she felt “so angry mostly with people because of how people who say they love Jesus treated her so poorly.” She put the actions of others onto God, and was angry with her whole life years and years of negative labels spoken over her. She did not understand who God is and who she is in Him.

Have you experienced, felt, or said any of the same things Bailey just shared?  Yes!  We can all relate.

To stop living by what other people say about you and to stop putting the actions of others on to God, and to receive freedom from any negative labels put on you, you must know who God is and Who He says you are.  This is the one and only solid foundation for your identity.


He is the creator of all things.  All of creation, the sun, moon, stars, plants, animals, and people reflect His genius design. Genesis 1-4

He created men male and women female.    God designed marriage to be between a man and a woman.

He is the one true capital “G” God who gives life and values life.  God does not glory in death nor does He award taking another person’s life. 

He is all-knowing, all-seeing, all powerful.  Nothing is hidden from Him and nothing takes Him by surprise.  He is God.

He is Jesus, God’s Son, Who made a way for you to be in relationship with God the Father. 

When you were lost in your sin, disobedient, unlovely, and sentenced to an eternal death in hell, Jesus came to earth and sacrificed His life on the cross to cover you in grace, forgiveness, and to make you a child of God by His shed blood.  He died to make you alive, no longer dead in your sins, and now in right standing with God the Father.  His death gives you the gift of eternal life with God in Heaven when you die.

He is Holy Spirit comforter and friend guiding, teaching, coaching you as you live each day.  The Bible and Holy Spirit’s counsel helps you to renew your thoughts, your words, and responses. 


You were created by God, in His likeness, in His image.   You share God’s divine nature just as your children share yours.  II Peter 1:4 

He says of you along with all of His creation that it is very good.  Genesis 1:31  When He looks at you, He says, “Wow, I make good things.”  This means you are adequate.  You are more than good enough.  Let His DNA in you shine through.

You are loved by God.  He loves you as much as He loves His Son, Jesus.   John 17:23, 26

Child of God

When you ask Jesus to be your Savior, you become a child of God.  You are adopted into His family.  He is your “Abba, Father, Daddy.”  Romans 8:15

Now, you are God’s girl, and you have an inheritance that you cannot or have not earned.  All that is in His Kingdom belongs to you. Ephesians 2:19

Forgiven by God

You are forgiven by God.  Fear, guilt, or condemnation have no place in your life because the Spirit of life in Jesus Christ has made you free from the law of sin and death.  You are no longer a slave to sin and death.  You walk in freedom by the Spirit.  Ephesians 1:7, Romans 8:1, II Corinthians 3:17

You are in right standing, wholly accepted, seen and heard by God.  You have no past with Jesus.  Your past is under His blood shed for you on the cross.  Get up and live today in His promises.

When God the Father looks at you, He sees Jesus.  He sees you whole, complete, forgiven, and He accepts you.  He loves it that you are His daughter.

Beautiful to God

You are a crown of glory and a royal diadem in the hand of the Lord.  The diadem is the tiara of a king or a turban, a sign of royalty.  Isaiah 62:3-4

The Lord has chosen you for Himself as His special treasure.  Psalm 135:4

He sings love songs over you.  He rejoices over you for good, with shouts of joy.  Zephaniah 3:17  This always makes me think of how we rock our babies and sing love songs to them as they fall asleep.  Or how we cheer for them on the sidelines of their games or at their recitals or award ceremonies.  That’s my son!  That’s my daughter!  God is doing the same thing over you.

He delights in you with gladness, renews you with His love, and waits on high to be gracious to you and to have compassion on you.  Isaiah 30:18

Chosen by God

He has called you and chosen you.  Mama, He has not rejected you, nor has He ever meant for you to be rejected.  Isaiah 41:9

He keeps His promises to you.  His words are like silver tried in a furnace, refined seven times.  Psalm 12:6-7

You are free to be you at all times.  Who you are is enough.  You do not have to perform for people to like you.  You please God, not please people. 

Blessed by God

He has made you successful and prosperous. (Joshua 1:8)

Love and faithfulness never leaves you.  In this love and faithfulness, you have favor with God and with man.  Proverbs 3:4

His blessings are on you.  You are surrounded with favor like a shield.  Psalm 5:12

You are the healed of the Lord.  Walk in divine health and wholeness.  You have a sound mind, strong spirit, and healthy body.  The mind of Christ is what you have.  I Peter 2:24, II Timothy 1:7

You are more than a conqueror.  The Lord always brings you though.  You are victorious.  You are a winner in Christ.  Romans 8:37, I Corinthians 15:57

You are strong to face each challenge the day brings. 

He has begun a good work in You.  He will be faithful to complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.  Philippians 1:6

You are made for unlimited potential.  Any limitations are the ones you put on yourself.  But with Jesus, there are no limitations!  You have God’s call on your life!


If any of these true identity statements didn’t jive with you, Mama, or made you say, “I don’t see that or feel that in my life,” then I encourage you to push replay as often as you can for as long as you need to until these truths becomes your new beliefs and your new words. 

You keep renewing your mind with truth from God’s Word.  Romans 12:2 As you keep renewing your mind, new right responses will flow from a correct view of who you are in Christ.

Anytime an old way to thinking, an old negative label, and old lie pops up, catch it as quickly as you can.  You can say Stop!  Pause!  Rewind!  Use a cue word.  And then speak these right beliefs out loud. 

You can renew your thoughts, your words, and your responses with consistent intention.


How about your children?  Are you teaching your children to think and speak what God thinks and says about them when they look in the mirror? 

The best thing you can do is to teach your children how to take off negative labels and put on truth filled ones.  To do that they need to know all of what I just shared about who God is and what God says about them.

I imagine it like the bully on the playground who comes to taunt your son or daughter.  It doesn’t matter what the bully says to tease or to demean, your child says, ‘What?! Do you know my Daddy?  I know my Daddy.  He’s big and strong and He’s has my back and I belong to Him.”

“If you did know my Daddy, you wouldn’t say things like that about me because He’ll take you down.  Those negative labels you are spewing all over me out of your own hurts and pains, mean nothing.  You mess with me, you mess with my Daddy.”

You know I’m talking about Daddy as Father God.  I belong in Father God’s House.  I am adopted and I hope you are, too.  Do you know my Daddy? 

If you do, I speak that renewed mindset and belief over you and your children.

If you don’t, I invite you to know Him as your Heavenly Daddy.  You heard Who He is at the beginning of this episode.  You heard what He says about you. 


He wants to be your Savior.  You can ask Jesus to be your Savior right here by repeating these words after me. 

“Jesus, I need Your forgiveness for my sins.  I believe that you died on the cross for my sins.  I believe that You were buried in a tomb and rose again the third day conquering death.  And I ask You to be my Saviour and my Daddy.  I thank You that You chose me and have now made me Your daughter.”

If you prayed that to Jesus for the first time, I rejoice with you.  You are a daughter of the King.  You are a new creature.  All of the old things, your old ways, all of those lies and negative labels are passed away.  Now you can walk in newness of life. 

Would you write to me and tell me that you did this today?  I want to rejoice with you, Mama and help you to learn from God’s Word how you can now walk as a daughter of the King in who He is and what He says about you.

You can contact me through the contact page at


Mama, I am here for you if you need help breaking off the negative labels spoken over you as a child? You know that they are holding you back, but you can’t change the negative, critical tape that is replaying in your mind no matter how hard you try. If that’s you, then go now to  I can help you root out lies from negative labels and help you to replace them with a truth filled identity.

Go to Renewed Mama Coaching and book your first coaching session now.  Sometimes, all you need is someone else to talk to. A small mindset shift can unlock a renewed identity for you.

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