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Who Might Your Child Grow Up to Be?

mother holding up a question mark sign wondering who might your child grow up to be.  Only God knows who your children might become when they grow up. 
 Encouraging you to look for the potential in your children and call it out.  parenting coaching Renewed Mama podcast  Renewed Mama Coaching

Who might your child grow up to be? Right now, only God knows who your children might become when they grow up.  Only He knows what they’ll do or achieve.

Your challenge, Mama, is to look for the potential in your children. Guide them in their strengths and help them to overcome their weaknesses. Call out their potential no matter what age they are, even in the terrible twos, threes, tens, and teen years. Every day, you get to teach and groom your children for who they will grow up to be.


When your child struggles or faces a challenge, how you respond has a lot to do with their success or their failure. 

As a young boy, Clay Clark stuttered.  Because he stuttered, he was made fun of a lot.  He hated going to school each day, and he still feels anxiety when he steps into a school to this day.

I have not yet met Clay Clark personally, but I admire his business sense and the impact he makes with his voice and a microphone. 

If I ever get a chance to meet Clay Clark, I would ask him how his Mama responded to all of the teasing and school anxiety.  What did she say about him stuttering?  What did she do to help him overcome it?

Did she say, “They’re right, Clay.  You’ll always stutter.  It’s just the way you are.”  Or did she speak life over him?  Did she say, “It doesn’t matter how they tease.  Someday, you’ll use your voice to reach thousands with the truth.  There’s something great in you.  I know it.”


I don’t know, all I know is the story goes that Clay Clark decided at a young age that he did not want to grow up poor.  In high school he sold candies and home-printed t-shirts out of his garage.  At seventeen, he began DJing dances.  He was only popular with the school kids because they wanted to come over and look at his basement full of DJ sound equipment.  He walked around town with a customized jacket that said “DJ Clay.”

With the music and a microphone, Clay found his niche for music and entertainment.

Before long, he had more events in a weekend that he could do himself, so he began hiring.  He grew to 100 events happening in a weekend.  This brought on new challenges that he needed to learn how to handle like working with other people who didn’t show up nor cared about his business as much as he did.  And he had to talk to customers who thought “DJ Bob” was doing their event but now it was “DJ Sam” because “DJ Bob” was a no show. 

His DJ Connection company alone brought in more than $1 million dollars a year, largely from wedding gigs.

Anything is possible for your children

Clay “wanted to be a millionaire by the age of 30.”  He had no formal business training, just a determination and drive to never give up.  Clay Clark without fail still wakes up at 4 am and is in bed by 9 pm.  “I am an enemy of average,” he says, repeating a slogan stenciled on his office wall.

He was “Metro Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year” at the age of 20 and the “U.S. Chamber National Blue Ribbon Quality Award Winner” at the age of 27.

Together in 2014, with optometrist turned entrepreneur, Doctor Robert Zoellner, they started a coaching business called the ThriveTime Show Business Coach Program where they advise business owners and take a percentage of profits earned.  

They also began a real estate company, a barbershop chain called Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge, a successful marketing and advertising firm, a party rental company, and a video production company, to name a few.

Together with Doctor Robert Zoellner, they have started and built 13 multi-million dollar companies. 

Every day without fail, Clay Clark and Dr. Zoellner host the ThriveTime Radio Show and Podcast.

When the pandemic hit and Clay was forced to decide what to do about his businesses and his coaching – shut them down or keep them open – he did his research and began to expose the truth about plan-demic.  He began the Reawaken Tours all across America to waken Americans to the truth of what was going on.

What inspires me the most about Clay Clark is the fact that this once stuttering school boy now uses his voice, a microphone, and his street savvy, business knowledge (because he did it the hard way himself and learned from it) to speak up and to speak out for the truth.  He uses his voice to coach hundreds of thousands of business owners including myself.  I listen and laugh and learn from his ThriveTime Radio Show and Podcast to help me grow my businesses.


I tell you all of this because I want you to walk away from this episode with the reminder, Mama, that:

1. When your child is struggling,

2. When they say it’s too hard and it all ends in tears,

3. Whatever frustrates you or drives you crazy,

4. Whatever breaks your heart or feels like no change or breakthrough is coming,

Mama, you can speak life, truth, and belief over them and to them. You don’t know yet who your child might grow up to be. Call into being what is not yet there with your words of life. 

What does this sound like?

Instead of telling them to sit down and be quiet because they are too rambunctious, you say, “Child, you use all of that amazing energy to do great things and to persevere when things get tough. That energy will fuel you to keep going.”

Instead of calling them lazy or a procrastinator, say, “My child, you are rising up out of defeat and procrastination.  You have an assignment on your life and you can’t be stopped.  You are a doer and all that your hands touch will be blessed.” 

It doesn’t matter how old they are right now.  Speak it out, Mama.

Your little one who is determined that each toy is “Mine!” and refuses to share.  You just snuggle them at night or rock them to sleep whispering, “My child, you are generous on all occasions.  You are wonderfully blessed with talents, skills, and money that you give cheerfully to bless and serve others and the more you give, the more you receive.  What a generous child you are.”

When you can’t seem to communicate with them.  You butt heads and they’re only two or three years old!  You are both strong willed.  They refuse to obey and you insist they do because you are the Mama.  I speak over you both that you are teachable.  You are quick to humble yourself and to listen to, to learn from, to hear each other’s hearts, and to honor each other as more important than yourself. 

That goes for you and your husband, too, Mama.

Call out the opposite of what you see now.  Believe for something higher, something better because you don’t know yet who your child might grow up to be.  You can propel them toward it with your words of life.


I want to hear from you, Mama.   If your children are all grown up, share in the comments what you spoke over them and who did they become? What are they doing now?

If your children are still young, what are you speaking over them to help them to grow?  Share in the comments so that we can declare these same truths over our children.

If you know another Mama who needs this encouragement to speak life over her children especially in the waiting for their breakthrough, share the love by sending them this podcast episode right now. 

Let’s help each other parent our children well by calling into being what is not yet there with our words of life.


One more thing, Mama. If you need help with speaking life over your children, I can help. 

Book a Renewed Mama Coaching chat together and we’ll talk through your specific frustrations, what you’ve already tried saying and doing that isn’t working, and what you can try instead.  We’ll go fruit to root together and help you to think right, to speak right, and to respond right for your children.

You don’t have to do it alone.  It is so much better working through it together.

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