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Why I Stopped Saying, “I Don’t Have Time for This” as a Mom 

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If you catch yourself saying, “I don’t have time for this!” No time for a temper tantrum. No time for not sharing. No time for sibling arguments. No time to clean up spilled milk or broken dishes. Then listen in. Here’s why I stopped saying, “I don’t have time for this” as a Mom.

This is the Try Again, Your New Mama Script Monday series on the Renewed Mama Podcast.


We give our children the chance to try again when they throw a temper tantrum, meltdown, or disrespect us or a sibling.  We let them try again to teach them how to respond in a better way.

Sometimes, Mama, we need to give ourselves a chance to try again when we don’t respond in the best way either.

So I’m sharing what you probably think or say, or how you probably respond that once it’s out, it makes you cringe with “That wasn’t so nice.  I should really apologize” even if you feel frustrated, annoyed, or impatient.

I’m helping you try again with a better way to think, to speak, and to respond to your children. We are learning and we are growing in this Mama thing.  We get to renew.  So here’s your new Mama Script.


If you catch yourself saying, “I don’t have time for this” as a mom, I’m certain that you are feeling overwhelmed. You feel pressure to get more things done in a day than what may actually be possible. Or you are trying to rush because maybe you need to leave in thirty minutes and now there is spilled milk.

I know because I’ve been there many times.  What my children do is just a trigger that sets off the already boiling overwhelm, stress, pressure, frustration, or lack of time I’m feeling inside.  And so many times, how I have responded and what I’ve said hasn’t turned out well.

That’s why I’m sharing this episode with you.  I want to help you to speak and to respond in a better way to your children.


So try again by saying, “Mommy is feeling stressed right now like I don’t have time for this.” Remember the “this” is the temper tantrum, not sharing, sibling fight, or spilled milk to name a few examples.

“Mommy is feeling stressed right now like I don’t have time for this.  But I don’t want to agree with that thought because it is wrong.  It is not true.  I do have time for You, ___say their name__.”  Hug them.

-> I do have time to help you learn to tell me how you are feeling instead of throwing a temper tantrum to get my attention.  I care about how you feel.

-> I do have time to help you to learn to share because that honors each other and makes play time fun.

-> I do have time to help you work through this sibling argument because we kick out strife and we communicate well with each other in our family.

-> I do have time to help you clean up spilled milk because I know it was an accident and accidents happen. 

mom looking at her watch thinking about how she doesn't have enough time and needs to use time more wisely.  She feels like she is always running late, changing diapers, breaking up toy fights, cleaning up spilled milk, needs Renewed Mama Coaching, parent coaching, positive parent solutions, right mom mindset


The truth is sometimes we are late because we have little people to take care of.

The truth is sometimes we try to be as organized and on top of things as we possibly can, but life happens and milk spills and shoes are lost and diapers need changing.

We can’t be hard on ourselves when these things show up in our lives.  We just breathe and try again, choosing to think right, speak right, and respond right. We give ourselves and our children grace. And we apologize if we lose it.


You do have time for this because if you nurture this teaching moment well, you will have less temper tantrums. 

You will have more sharing and children who get along and can resolve their own issues. 

And you’ll have children who can clean up themselves after the spill when it happens again.

And you’ll have less stress, less overwhelm, less frustration because you have created an atmosphere in your home that is gracious, loving, gentle, and patient.

I am here for that! How about you?

So when you feel like saying, “I don’t have time for this!,” try again by saying, “I do have time for this.”


Mama, if you need help trying again, register for a Renewed Mama Coaching chat with me.  I’ll help you try again so that next time you can think right, speak right, and respond in a better way so that you keep the peace in your home, silence the mom guilt and the feeling like you are messing up your kids, and help you to show up as the kind of Mama you want to be.

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