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Win the Sugar Addiction Battle

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with Special Guest Rachel Murray

Sugar.  Do you have a love hate relationship with sugar?  You know you should eliminate it from your diet, but life’s too short to not enjoy Starbucks, fudge brownies, cookies, and donuts, right?

We consume 180 lbs of sugar per person per year.  That’s one cup per day.

Rachel Murray is my guest on this Renewed Mama Podcast episode.  She shares how you can gain control of your sugar cravings, balance your hormones, and reduce hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings. 

Ready to Win the Sugar Addiction Battle?

My special guest is Rachel Murray and we are talking sugar! Rachel is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Sugar Addiction Recovery Coach. Her mission is to help women overcome sugar addiction, ditch all the diets, and find food freedom for life!

As a Registered Nurse, she transitioned to holistic nutrition to better serve women who struggle with sugar addiction.  She helps women balance their hormones, gain more energy, stabilize their moods, reduce hot flashes and night sweats, and gain overall better health and well-being by focusing on nutrient dense meals, whole food supplementation, and living in tune with nature.

What’s Inside this Episode

You’ll hear how Rachel came to helping women with sugar addiction, ditching diets, and finding actual food freedom in their lives (minute 4:40).

Rachel help us understand sugar and the effect it has on our bodies (minute 6:44). She shares what foods have sugar hiding in them that we don’t realize is there (minute 3:00). Rachel shares the protein rich, high fat foods great for regulating sugar cravings. These will keep us satisfied longer so that we aren’t experiencing the sugar highs and lows (minute 12:56). Rachel also shares foods that are not nutrient dense, are ultra processed, and should be avoided as much as possible (minute 31:07).

Rachel shares how sugar is a toxin in our body, and how our body treats all sugars, refined and natural, the same way. Our bodies do not differentiate between the two (minute 25:05).

How can we get the whole family on board with reducing sugar? Rachel talks through how you and your family can decide what to not allow into your home or to avoid altogether and what’s fun to eat once in a while such as at a birthday party (minute 11:23 and minute 36:35).

We all want healthy snack ideas for on the go or after school that our children will like and we will like, too. Rachel gives us great snack suggestions (minute 27:16).

Rachel shares how you can your balance hormones to reduce hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings (minute 41:29).

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Last but not least, we talk about coffee! Rachel suggests holding off on a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.  Before you say, “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had a coffee!” Rachel shares how you can enjoy your coffee without feeling any highs or lows from your morning cup (minute 45:34).

Your next steps for winning the sugar addiction battle

Your health, Mama, is worth prioritizing as Rachel shared (minute 49:18). If you want help to gain control of your sugar cravings, balance your hormones, and reduce hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings, reach out to Rachel here.  She loves helping women thrive in life.

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