You are a Good Mom

Even if you Shout Sometimes

“I can’t take it anymore.  If I hear “Mommy” one more time, I just might lose it.”

“Why are they whining?”

“Can’t they just share?”

“Am I the only one who can do the dishes and pick up the toys around here?”🍽️ 🧸

Look, you are not alone in these feelings.

We have felt all of this, too.

There is so much on your plate.  So many thoughts in your head right now.
So much uncertainty. So much out of our control.
You don’t need more overload. More overwhelm.
More coffee is more like it.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You may not always get it right.  You might lose it and shout at your kids.
But that doesn’t make you a bad mom.
You are a good mom.

There’s no one else willing to lose sleep.
No one else cares as much as you do.
Who else goes to bed at night exhausted, but still thinking about the kids and the housework?

✅ What’s for breakfast?

✅ Got to get eye appointments.

✅ Remember to buy some milk tomorrow.

….All the stuff… going a hundred miles an hour in your head.

If there was one way that you could

help your home and family
run smoother,

Would You Go for it?

More peace… more help…more sharing…more kind words…more fun…more laughter…

Wanna know what it is?

Something simple that:

🌠 gets you better results such as praise and encouragement rather than nagging and negativity.

🌠 builds up your children’s character and motivates them to help out and to share.

🌠 helps you take charge of your words so that you use them intentionally to speak life

🌠 keeps you on a better track!

Speak Life Badges are sticker award badges for your kids along with the right words or suggested scripts of what you can say to your children when you feel all the love …..and all the whining and fighting over toys.  Speak Life Badges works for it all!

Here’s what you’ll get with Speak Life Badges’ “I Am Special” sticker award book:

  • 72 sticker awards
  • 24 different award badge phrases such as: “I obey right away,” “I share,” “I am diligent,” “I am kind,” “I am joyful,” “I am loving,” “I am a helper,” “I am strong,” “I am brave,” “I overcame fear,” and more.
  • 3 stickers per badge phrase
  • Scripts or suggested words to say to your child as you award the badge.  Say the right words based on your child’s personality.  Know what to say for various situations you face with your kids.
  • This Mama’s Tips
  • Take it to the Next Level – Helping you to address deeper character growth with your child.
  • Declarations or affirmations to speak over your home and family.
  • Perfect for your children or grandchildren who are ages 3-13.
  • All this and more for $30.


Hear what other moms are saying about Speak Life Badges:

Thank you for taking the time to explain how Speak Life Badges work. I fear I would have just kept putting off opening the book.  Now that it is part of our routine,  Ailey and Rhys strive to earn badges.  We just love it!  It really is an amazing concept.


I have been using my Speak Life Badges for some amazing people and the results are beyond my wildest dreams.  I want to buy copies and gift them.  I want to spread the joy and share the wonder.


Today I challenged Clayton to take a baby step in bravery at the splash pad, since he normally doesn’t like to get very wet, and I put the “I am Brave” sticker on him when we got home. I know these little word “seeds” of encouragement will grow and help him overtime when he needs bravery in the future.

At bedtime, I removed the sticker while he brushed his teeth and placed it beside the mirror. Just glancing at it really encouraged my heart, too, since I had done some baby brave steps today as well. Words seem so small, but are so powerful and can completely change the way we view ourselves.

I definitely recommend this fun book as a way to bless your kids and yourself!


If you’re ready to FINALLY see an end to the

whining and the fighting over toys
& to get a little help around the house

while using right words that motivate and encourage your children,

Tap the link to Get it Now.


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