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You Know You’re a Mom When

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If I asked you to finish the sentence, “You know you’re a mom when,” what would you say? 

I hope this episode gives you a good laugh and helps you to delight in motherhood.  I hope it reminds you that you are doing a great job.  Remember that you, Mama, are doing a most valuable work in raising your children. 

You Know You’re a Mom When…

You wake up remembering that you still need to call the dentist.

You think about what’s for dinner while in the shower.  And you fall asleep wondering how you can connect better with your daughter.

You are amazing at juggling all the things, Mama.  You hold the family together.  It may be that no one notices or voices a thank you for all that you do in a day, but I’m certain that your family would be lost without you.  Take time today to acknowledge all that you do and give yourself a high five or a piece of chocolate for it.   

I know that Speak Life Badges are for kids, but you, Mama, deserve the I am Hardworking and I am Faithful sticker awards.

colorful sticker award badges by Speak Life Badges, awards for kids, positive reinforcement, teacher and parent tool to encourage, motivate, and speak life to children, stickers for kids

You have eyes in the back of your head. 

And your kids are sure that you have eyes in the back of your head because you just know what they are up to.  You don’t even need to look.

No one, but God, knows your children better than you do, Mama.  What a gift to know and to love your little ones so thoroughly, so deeply.  Sometimes we wonder what’s going on in that little head of theirs.  And sometimes we are certain the early grays are because of our kids.  But don’t underestimate the power of knowing your children well because as you do, as you connect, and as you empathize, they really are thankful that you know and care about them so much.  They feel safe knowing you have their back.   

You know you’re a mom when there are more crumbs or used lollipop sticks, balled up used tissues, and baby wipes in your purse than money. 


You wish for more quiet and peace as your kids play and fight. 

You know you’re a mom when it’s only teens in your house and you wish for the noise and chaos again.

I know, Mama, that some days it feels like the noise and chaos never ends.  But it will, all too soon, I think, now as my children are older.  Find joy in the moment and when you can, embrace the noise and the chaos.  Turn up the music and dance it out or make up silly songs until you roll over in laughter. 

And then when you need to pause, step outside to feel the sun and hear the birds, to take a walk around your yard or down your driveway.  You, Mama, needs your time, too. 

mom and her kids in a hug circle smiling and laughing

You set things by the door the night before church so that you actually get out the door on time and you still run late.

Are you raising your hand with me on this one?  Anyone else tired of the mad dash out the door and shouting at your kids and then apologizing in the car on the way to church?

I know I could wear the I Use Time Wisely Speak Life Badge to remind me to keep an eye on the time and to not think that I can do five more things before we go because I still have fifteen minutes.  How those fifteen minutes vanish, I don’t know. 

You balance everything you carry on your hips as if it were a child. 

Put on the I am Strong Speak Life Badge, Mama, because once you’re a mom, you’re always a mom, and you always got those hips!  You are strong.  Your body is strong.  And you are worth taking good care of. 

Did you know that Austin the Hedgehog in Austin’s Kids Club has an activity postcard that teaches your children that being strong means more than muscles?  You see Austin wearing his sweat band and lifting weights but he is teaching your children that being strong means asking for help when you don’t understand, telling the truth, facing a fear, lending a helping hand, and facing a fear.  It is one of my favorite postcards.  You can learn more about Austin’s Kids Club at

dad and son at the mailbox getting Austin's Kids Club mailbox postcards and surprises, mailbox subscription for kids, activities for kids at home

You sit down for some time to yourself and hear, “Mommy! Mom!”

Cristina said, You know you’re a mom when you think you have a little time to yourself but as soon as you sit down you hear, “Mom, I’m hungry.  Mom, I need help with my homework.  Mom, I can’t find my toy.  Mom, I have a project due tomorrow. Can you help me.” 

Then when the kids grow up you hear, “Mom, I’m hungry.  Mom, where are my keys?  Mom, call my phone. I can’t find it.”  It never ends, but I love my kiddos.  Wouldn’t change a thing.”

Linda said, You know you’re a mom when you are out in a store without your kids or they are all grown up and on their own, and you hear, “Mom.”  You still turn and look. 

I love that Cristina and Linda said these because all of us have experienced “Mom!  Mommy!” fatigue, haven’t we?  “If we hear mom one more time!”  But isn’t there always that part of us that wants to be wanted and needed by our kids?  We are innately ready to answer the call for Mommy.  Reminds me of what I said at the top of the show.  You are doing a most valuable work in raising your tribe. 

The Speak Life Badge for you, Mama, is I am Patient and I am Committed.

You know you’re a mom when it’s laundry time and you find worms in your kids’ pockets. 


I love this, Jody.  Tell me you found them before you actually washed them!

How about the Speak Life Badge I am Brave, Jody.  Wear that every time you do laundry!

a smiling boy showing his muscles because positive words impact him and make him feel special and strong, Speak Life Badges, sticker award badges for children, positive reinforcement

You are doing a great job, Mama

Mama, I hope these “You know you’re a mom when” statements made you laugh and feel so much joy in motherhood.  If you have more “You know you’re a mom when,” share them in the comments.  We want to hear yours.

If this episode made you laugh, share it with another Mama you know.  We want her to be reminded that she is doing a great job.  

I remind you of the declarations found in the front of the Speak Life Badges sticker award books.  You are a great parent.  Parenting is your high calling and the best job you could ever have.

Go Further with these Resources

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One more thing, Mama. Do you need another mama to talk to? Motherhood can feel lonely at time when you are in the midst of the chaos, temper tantrums, and sibling fights. Do you want to get control of your thoughts, words, and responses as a Mom? Can’t change the negative, critical tape that is replaying in your mind no matter how hard you try? Do you want to be more positive instead of shouting all the time and focusing on all of the things your children don’t do? ❤️ Then I invite you into a coaching conversation with me through Renewed Mama Coaching. I’ll help you to renew your thoughts, words, and responses so that you feel less mom guilt and show up as the mama you want to be. Book your first session at

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