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Your Road to Success for High School and Beyond

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Are you looking for your own road to success for high school and beyond into college, university, and starting your own business?

At every family get together, are you asked what you want to be when you grow up? Are you pretty sure that you don’t want to be flipping burgers for the rest of your life?

Do you want to be picked for the job of your choice and one day master your career so that you get a pay raise or a promotion?  Do you want to begin your own business and successfully be your own boss?

If you said a big YES! to any of these questions, it is important for you to know this:

Everything that you do today is for your future. 

Even action as simple as making your bed or taking out the garbage today is for your future!  Let me explain. The choices that you made one year ago, two years ago, or five years ago is what you are walking in today in your life.  In other words, one or two years ago, you made choices that accumulated to today’s circumstances.  Each decision or choice you make has consequences or results that you live out.  That means that what you do today affects your future.

This is important because discovering your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes, and building some key character skills today will help you have a more successful future in high school and beyond in college, university, or in your own business.

What You’ll Learn in this Video

In the first half of this video, we’ll uncover your strengths and weaknesses and your likes and dislikes because your career could come from these. 

In the second half of this video, we’ll evaluate whether or not you have the skills of diligence, great communication and people skills, taking responsibility, and following through. The marketplace pays big money for someone with these four skills. If you do have these skills, then let’s make them an even stronger part of your character and personality because when you are faithful in the little things now, you will be trusted with more.

If you said, “No, I am not diligent. I don’t have great communication and people skills, and I don’t follow through” thanks for being honest.  Now that you recognize it, you get to do something about it.  Now is the time to develop these qualities in your life because everything that you do today is for your future.

My Promise to Help You on Your Road to Success

Here’s my promise to you.  In this video, I’ll help you discover your strengths and your weaknesses along with your likes and dislikes. I’ll also show you 1) how to be diligent, 2) how to have great communication and people skills, 3) how to take responsibility, and 4) how to follow through so that you get chosen for the job you want, get the pay raise or promotion, or be successful in your own business. 

Use this video as a complement to or a launch pad for your homeschool careers credit. 

Let’s Get You on the Road to Success for High School and Beyond

Push play on the video below to begin driving down your road to success for high school and beyond. I am super excited for what you will learn about yourself through this video.

Grab this Free Printable Fun Sheet

Before you push play on the video below, print off this FREE fun sheet. Fill it out while you watch the video to help you work through your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, and begin to build in you the four skill sets the marketplace and business world is looking for.

Sign up to download and print this FREE guide now.

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Turn Your New Insight into Action

What did you discover about your strengths and weaknesses? What did you learn about your likes and dislikes? Did anything surprise you? Did you go the extra mile and ask four people what are your three best qualities or strengths? What career or business ideas came from your strengths and likes, your weaknesses and dislikes? Share in the comments below. I want to hear from you!

What did you learn about developing diligence, great communication and people skills, taking responsibility, and following through in your life? What did you commit to doing this week to grow these skills in your life? Tell me in the comments below.

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