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Your THOUGHTS are a Pretty Big Deal

Your thoughts are a pretty big deal episode 10 - Renewed Mama podcast

Your thoughts are a pretty big deal. 

The thoughts and the words you speak have control of your life, whether you like it or not or whether you believe it or not.

What you choose to think again and again…what your mind repeats over and over and what comes out of your mouth will determine your future.  What you think and what you say is what you get.

This is really important stuff.

In this episode of the Renewed Mama podcast, we’ll talk about your thoughts. And in episode 11, we’ll talk about what you are saying again and again.

You know, when a thought pops into your mind, that’s all it is…a thought.  It’s initial data for your computer brain.  Input.

After the thought comes, then you have to decide,What am I going to do with it?  Is this thought truth?  Is this a lie?

If the thought is truth and lines up with your values and your beliefs about yourself, what God says in the Bible, then keep right on thinking it!  If it is a lie, you’ve got to toss it out as quickly as you can. 

Even though the thought pops into your mind, you can choose if you will keep thinking it or kick it out.  You are in control of that.

You can say, “No, I don’t want to think this.  This is not adding to my life.  I will think this truth instead.”

If you want to learn more about how you can be in control of what you think, push play below.

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Before you go, let’s turn this insight into action!

As you go about your day, be conscious of your thoughts. 

What am I thinking right now? Where did this thought come from?

Is it true?  Is it a lie?
If I keep thinking this thought, will it serve me well and keep me going forward or will it hold me back and keep me scared?

If it is a good thought, keep right on thinking it!  If it is a lie, STOP thinking it.  Kick it out.  Refuse to keep thinking it. 

Choose to refuse each thought or feeling that would try to take you captive and keep you down. 
Refuse to stay stuck in a mindset or a way of thinking that holds you back and does not fit your anointing and your assignment on your life.

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